2 Days to go: London time!

Nice weather at last
Spring is in the air!

Excitement reigns supreme! Sitting in a seat has becoming a challenge and I want it to be race day now. Today saw my last 3 mile tapered run before the main event. Almost hope it’s not as nice a day on Sunday as I’ve only trained in what feels like the longest winter of my life.

Bumbag fully stocked
Fully stocked

Advise is swimming through my head, battling with PMA, what to pack, what I need and my wife tripple checking logistics. It’s hard to describe the feeling of excitement but suffice to say it’s big, 26.2 miles of big and a fair distraction. My kit is nearly packed and ready to go. For the main event I will be running in my Meningitis Trust Vest, Ron-hill Shorts, Inov8 socks and Reds with my bum bag packed and containing:

  • 5 SIS energy gels – tried and tested on the Bissoe Trail: 4 for the event and 1 spare
  • Driving Licence – incase of emergencies
  • Oyster Card, £20 and a credit card – to cover other emergencies and get me back to the hotel
  • Toilet paper – to cover pit stop emergencies)
  • Headphones – to call on the Boss, Bruce Springsteen, if motivation starts to fail me
  • Soft Glasses case – running in my glasses and this may be needed to safely store them
Cleaned Trainers
Cleaned and ready to go

A final sponsorship plea: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/OllyBrand

Thanks to all those that have generously given. My total now stands at over £2000 and I’ve over the moon with this! Exceeding the target was a great day and has done wonders for my stress levels. For those of us on a charity place hitting the minimum amount is a requirement of entry into the event.

Meningitis Trust Vest
Front and back

Thanks all for the support, advice, sponsorship and training partners, with special thanks to Truro Running Club and Jez Mancer of motive8me.com. I blame the last two for the revised goal of 3:30.


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