The final long training run, run.

£1,309.99 raised so far!
Going well

With 4 weeks to go tapering now starts. Sunday’s 15 miles slow and 5 ‘fast’ sees me reach the final long run milestone. Focus is now on staying in good shape, with quality over quantity. Today I had a sports massage and much needed day off to relax. However, instead of relaxing I used the time to do a lot of odd jobs. These jobs had been hanging around as a result of training. Clearing the decks(ish) has helped me focus and will hopefully help with relaxing longer term. Despite the cold weather most of the todo’s were done and I’m looking forward to London more as a result.

Sunday’s run provided a much needed confidence boost. I ran in my Meningitis Trust Vest with no issues, ran a negative split and, after 20 miles, my legs/body felt ok. The last 6 miles are hard to explain and I’m not underestimating them, but at mile 20 all still felt good.

The weekend before last I struggled with fuelling and didn’t eat enough for breakfast. Only taking one energy gel and not eating enough was a big mistake. I was a little down / not very pleased with my performance. Keen not to repeat that mistake I ate more for breakfast and practised taking on more gels. I can now drink and run which is an added bonus, and a lot harder than it sounds.

New pre-race breakfast: 2 Poached eggs on toast, a banana, large mug of green tea and a pint of SIS electrolyte (blackcurrant).

Sponsorship is going well. March 22nd’s £1300 cut off passed thanks to Lucio and the Massignani clan. Please don’t let that stop you being generous: 

A lot has been put on hold to run the London Marathon and I had no idea the time sponge it would become. I’m hanging for a surf, beer and a track day (maybe not all at the same time). My brother-in-law (featured in my GoPro rant) is fed up of me declining to surf with him. If the surf gods are listening and feeling generous: from Tuesday 23rd April I could really use 2 weeks of sunshine and head high surf, please.

As well as massaging my legs Jez provided more coaching and planned my next two weeks. His help and advice are adding to my confidence. He’s left me with a new mantra for the next four weeks…. “DON’T RUN TOO FAST AT THE START!”, and ‘Now the mental game begins’. Jez also let slip he and his wife are Marathon Guinness World Record Holders. They hold the record for the fastest Husband and Wife aggregated time!

If only I could run it this fast, or as fast as Jez or his wife would be nice. 3:30 is looking a little tame now!


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