The Accidental Marathon, Part II

This happy accident yields new questions and some ‘positive’ issues. My legs have just about forgiven me, thanks to Jez Mancer of More on Jez to follow. The concept of being a ‘marathon runner’ and the confidence from knowing 26 miles can be run stands me in good stead for London. Sponsorship is also getting closer to my £1600 minimum.

How did it go? It went well, really well, averaging 8 minute miles, chatting and having a good time. Then mile 20 hit and the pace dropped to a jog. Putting one foot infront of the other and facing the big hill for a second time loaded me with fear and loathing. Some how we made it to mile 24 and the wall properly arrived. My brain tried to make me lie down and stop. These mind games lasted the final 2.2 miles apart from seeing my Dad, who patiently waited to snap a photo, and a marshall saying “300m to go, you can do it”. The finish line and hallowed post race pasty were very welcome sights, after explaining despite the pink number I’d run the Marathon. The additional £5 entry fee made the admin team a little happier.

Trainer wise: Chickened out of running in the 3mm drop yellows and depended on my trusty 6mm drop reds. This was partly for confidence and also down to knee issues. Knees are still undecided on fully forgiving me. Not helped by driving 500 miles this week. Knees are something I need to focus on and strengthen. When London is done the Reds will be to. The 0mm drop barefoot dream is still the plan, eventually.

What next? My arbitrary sub 4 hour goal has been met, I’ve run my first marathon and I’m kind of hooked. It wasn’t supposed to be like this! The new plan / goal is sub 3:30 for London. I can’t say I care about this one as much as sub 4. Nor do I think it’s as feasible but I will give it 100%. This means running sub 8 minute miles for 26.2 miles. As a charity place it is going to take some juggling to get a start pen that doesn’t get caught up with the masses and cost me too much time over the first few miles. Their pace will be crucial: Too fast and past 20 miles isn’t going to be fun and too slow there isn’t room to make the lost time up. The new target also means a shift in training and Jez Mancer of has really helped with that.

Booked Jez for a sports massage and general checkup, figuring I would be pretty destroyed after 20 miles at ‘race’ pace. Jez massaged my legs and offered to review my training plan. It would be unfair to Jez to detail my new plan but I’d encourage anyone running / training for something to book a session with Jez. It has helped me focus a lot. His help, sports massage and advice is well worth it!

Jez Mancer -
Jez Mancer –

43 days left to go! EEEEEEK


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