The Accidental Marathon, Part I

Sunday I arrived at the Penventon Hotel, paid £10, badly pinned a pink number to my running top and realised how shambolic my pre-race prep is. The pink number & £10 signified a late entry into the Duchy 20. A 20 mile road race and ideal training for London. The plan: get some race exp, try eating more than one gel, practise my pre-race/race craft and get used to running under race conditions.

Duchy Marathon 2013 Route
Marathon Route

Very glad I did this as it proves a need to sort kit better, take more carrier bags and pack spare glasses. Struggled to keep stuff together and dividing it between the car, located a fair distance from the hotel, and the hotel was not a smart move……. However, with an almighty bang it was show time and off we went.

Mark, from previous blog posts and Truro Running Club, had decided to run the full Marathon and we set off together pacing out the first few miles around 8 min per mile. We gassed about cars, wood burning stoves, scenery, living in cornwall, Skoda Yetis and towing. Mark kept me going and nicely distracted. Everything felt good and as we continued the devil on my shoulder started demanding a medal…. Why run 20 miles when for another 6 you can get a medal…….

Mark and I running
Mark & I at Mile 10 or 11ish – We passed 172 voming in a bush later :D.

The Duchy 20 has a cut on the 2nd lap. At Mile 11 or 12 I mistook a housing estate entrance for the Duchy20 fork. On shaking Mark’s hand and wishing him good luck the Devil on my shoulder took over: “Sod it” and “Let’s do this”. Many thanks to Mark for dragging me round!

Duchy Marathon 2013 Medal
Medal no.2

The product of 3 Hours 48 minutes of running, no walking, 2 massive hills, 2 big hills and a lot of jelly babies.

More to follow in Part II :D.


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