Running Mind Games

At least it’s not just me that battles my inner chimp to go for a run. Over lunch Friday at 12pm was run time. Except it was windy, grey and cold out. My chimp sabotaged me with pieces of work and catching up on email. The battle between brain, body and will raged for an hour and thirty minutes. It was more exhausting than the costal path when, at 1:30pm, I finally forced myself out the door.

Fully subscribed to the theory Willpower is like a muscle and as a result it has a finite capacity and needs exercising.

Willpower: A Finite Resource

In addition to the TR/Bundy image, it is also helpful to think of your willpower like a muscle. All of these qualities of your muscles also apply to your willpower:

  • Your muscles become weak and flabby through disuse and a lack of exercise.
  • In order to build the strength of your muscles in the long-term, you must exhaust them in the short-term.
  • While you can build the strength of your muscles over time, on any given day when you walk into the gym, your muscles have a finite amount of strength–there’s an absolute max weight you can lift before your muscles reach failure.
  • If you exhaust your muscles with one exercise, you’ll have less strength and endurance on the next exercise because your muscles will be fatigued. Your muscles need time to recover before they can be fresh again for your next workout.

Exert from the art-of-manliness blog

Will Power Meter
It really is finite!

One thought on “Running Mind Games

  1. After a while, it turns around though, so you have to have will power to NOT go out for a run, e.g. on rest days or days where your body is telling you you need an extra rest day. Or too soon after an injury 😀 Seems hard to believe, but trust me.

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