It appears I’m not alone in starting a running blog……..

The Guardian are copying me, and doing a better job:

Not 100% I agree with the ‘pure joy’ factor. The costal path on a glorious sunny day, maybe! The road in this bloody wind with freezing rain/hail is a pretty joyless experience.  Even when finished it’s purely a necessary evil to complete my plan of training outdoors and avoiding the treadmill.

A Sunny CP break from January 2013's trail running

The quest for fitness and being fit to run is definitely there and my arbitrary 4 hours with no real context outside of my own head. But I definitely don’t share the friend of the writer’s approach to missing his sub 3 hour target by 2 minutes. If I go 2 minutes over 4 hours I won’t be pleased and won’t be looking forward to doing it all over again.


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