Marathon Training: January

Jan Training from Runkeeper

December I trained when I could and prepared myself for a big step up in January. ‘Proper’ training started here. The above figures exclude another 6.2 mile run were run keeper crashed and 5 Tuesday night swim club sessions. 71 miles is further than I ever dreamed of running in a month, and most of it has been surprisingly enjoyable. Determined to do all my running outdoors and to avoid the treadmill. This has required some kit purchasing and a fair bit of will power. If only one thing continues after the Marathon I hope it’s the amount of time I’m spending outdoors.

January saw me join, and be made very welcome at, Truro running club. Talking to a lot of Veteran Marathon Runners has been a great help. A lot has been learnt! Number 1 seems to be my training plan is good but to ensure a sub 4 hour success I need to run more.

Former plan:

  • Sunday (9:15 to match the London Marathon time): Long run, slowly building to 20ish miles
  • Monday: Chill, recovery day
  • Tuesday: Swim club, lots of drills (painful but great)
  • Wednesday: Club run, a mix of hill climbs, distance and fartleks
  • Thursday: Chill, recovery day
  • Friday: Do my own thing to compensate for Wednesday. Eg: If Wednesday is distance then 3-5 miles ‘fast’ or if Wednesday is speed training then 7-9 miles at race pace.
  • Saturday: Chill, recovery day

New Plan: erk…..

  • Sunday 9:15 – Long run – Slowly building to 20ish miles
  • Monday: 3-5 mile recovery run
  • Tuesday: Swim club
  • Wednesday: Club run, joining the more advance group
  • Thursday: Chill, recovery day / Surf
  • Friday: 7-9 miles min, off road trail running
  • Saturday: Walk with Family & Friends

January has also been a good month for the fight against Meningitis:…accine-update/

Main Highlights this month have been discovering how nice the Bissoe trail is and that it’s good fun & motivation joining a running club.

For February I need to up the distance, keep up the training and work out an eating and drinking strategy. Last Sunday’s run proved Spatone energy sachets and I are NOT friends!


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