Meningitis and the 2013 London Marathon

My Dad had a close scare with Meningitis. Minutes made the difference: quick thinking Mum, Paramedics and A&E Doctor saved my Dad’s life. Please take a small time out from your day to watch the video and learn the symtoms:

As a small token of thanks to all the people that helped Dad and to raise money for the Trust I applied to run the 2013 London Marathon.


Sadly, in September the Trust gently let me down. They’d had a record 450 applications, inspired by the Olympics, for a mere 60 places. I made the call this was fate but foolishly said I’d like to be considered as a reserve. Half-marathon fit and it ‘wouldn’t take much’ additional training to be 26 miles ready. At the end of November I got the call to action :D. December I sent in my entry fee and started to up my running & research. In blog posts to follow I hope to document my training, findings and progress. Fingers crossed for progress and that it will help / be of interests to others to.

Track my training here:

Sponsor me here:

To help with motivation and the longer runs I’ve signed up to Truro Running club and running with them Sunday Morning and Wednesday evenings.

At the moment I feel I could run 26.2 miles but my goal is sub 4 hours and to raise over £1600 for the trust. Those two things are causing me the sleepless nights / pressure!


2 thoughts on “Meningitis and the 2013 London Marathon

  1. Good luck! I contracted meningitis in 2007 at the age of 39 – I didn’t even realise adults could get it! I’ve been left with ME/CFS and have lost a husband, social life and my job, but I’m battling to pick myself up again. My blog posts are mainly centered around my journey and through them I hope to raise awareness of adult meningitis and the long term after effects – please read and share 🙂 I also live in Cornwall – not far from Truro!

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