First Post – Why

My 2012 New Year Resolutions contained a lot of actions I have tried and succeeded, or failed: Bath 1/2 Marathon complete but not much surfing has happened in 2012.

The last thing on the list, the one I have put off the most…… Start a blog. It sounds so innocuous….. ‘Start a blog’, easy….. Except it has been one of those things I have put off and gone to extreme lengths of procrastination to avoid.

In work I’m a Social Media advocate. The way Social Media platforms intertwine and leverage each other fascinates me. However, ‘blog URL’ has long been an attribute that haunted me. Inspired by a link from my Brother-In-Law, Jon, to an IBMer’s blog post ‘Why Every Professional Should Consider Blogging‘ it’s time / Procrastination is over.

As this blog will no doubt demonstrate, the written word and I don’t often get a long. I’m dyslexic and simply don’t enjoy it. Hopeful that sticking to this blog and regularly writing will help me address a lot of my issues. Practise makes perfect, and if not perfect then hopefully better (fingers crossed).

This is initially a selfish endeavour and I’ll be spamming the one blog with content relating to work (Cognos / Business Intelligence), hobbies (Surfing, Cars, Tech and Running) and Cornwall / whatever takes my fancy or interest if I’m stuck for inspiration. I hope in reading this far you’ll also find something else to read further up the road.

Thanks for reading,



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